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Wine and Chocolate Tasting Pack

A unique wine and chocolate tasting experience - please buy the chocolates direct from The Chief Chocolate Officer

The Chief Chocolate Officer and bring you a unique wine and chocolate tasting pack. Chocolates specially designed to partner selected wines (or great on their own) and half bottles of wine selected specifically to match these chocolates (or great on their own)!

The Chocolates – 50gm bars

The Wines – 375ml bottles

Dark Chocolate, Blueberry, Vanilla, Black Peppercorn – Cracking with Cabernet Sauvignon Rustenberg, 2014, John X Merriman – Cabernet Sauvignon from Stellenbosch, South Africa
Dark Chocolate, Liquorice & Rose – Superb with Syrah Ferraton, 2013, Crozes Hermitage Matiniere – Syrah from the banks of the Northern Rhone
Milk Chocolate, Fig, Smoke & Pink Peppercorn – Magnificent with MalbecJean Bousquet, 2015, Malbec – from the foothills of the Andes in Argentina
Milk Chocolate, Coffee, Cacao & Wild Cherry – Perfect with Pinot Noir Domaine du Prieure, 2016, Hautes Cote de Beaune – Pinot Noir from Burgundy
White Chocolate, Toffee & Orange Blossom – Showtime with Chardonnay André Bonhomme, 2015, Viré Clessé Vieilles Vignes – an oaked chardonnay from Burgundy
Milk Chocolate, Pear & Elderflower – So Good with Sauvignon Blanc Astrolabe, 2014, PROVINCE Sauvignon Blanc – from Marlborough, New Zealand

Chief Chocolate Officer have analysed the typical tasting notes of the UK’s six most popular wine grapes and produced a premium range of unique chocolate bars made by a small family-owned business in the UK. These work so well that when paired with a wine made from their chosen grape, they mutually enhance the enjoyment of both. They are called the Chief Chocolate Officer Wine Bars.

The well known wine writer Tom Cannavan reviews the wine and chocolate in his blog article Chocolate. Made for Wine? and the blog Spittoon made a video showcasing several of the combinations (click here)

To find out more about the chocolates please go to reserves the right to substitute wines to something similar from its current offering


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