Half Bottles of Sweet Wine

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Sweet wines have been out of fashion for a long time; why, we can’t understand. The range of tastes is simply amazing, but there is one factor that sorts the good from the bad; acid. A good sweet wine should have sufficient acid so that, when you swallow it, the back of your mouth tastes fresh, not cloyingly sweet.

Harvesting grapes as late as possible makes them naturally sweet and wines like this are usually referred to by some variation of 'natural sweet'.

All really sweet wine is made by getting the water out of the grape juice. Sauterne, the most famous and costly of all sweet wines, uses a natural ‘noble rot’, Botrytis Cinerea, to concentrate the sweetness of the grape juice. Ice wine is made from frozen grapes where iced water is removed leaving a concentrated, sweet pulp. Most sweet wine however is made using heat; letting the grapes hang on the vine for longer than usual; or leaving them spread out in the sun on bales of hay.

Because of their sweetness, half bottles of sweet wine are the most commonly found half bottles of wine; many winemakers only bottle half bottles of sweet wine, the rest of their range being bottled in full or bigger bottles.
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Picture of Valdespino (375ml), NV, Pedro Ximénez El Candado

Valdespino (375ml), NV, Pedro Ximénez El Candado

Sherry, Pedro Ximénez from Spain

Picture of Chateau Les Mingets, (375ml), 2014, Sauternes

Chateau Les Mingets, (375ml), 2014, Sauternes

Sweet, Old World, Semillon Sauternes, France