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Santa Margherita (375ml), NV, Prosecco Superiore Brut Valdobbiadene

Sparkling, Old World, Prosecco Superiore Brut from Valdobbiadene, Italy

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Appley flavours with a hint of brioche make this an excellent aperitif. It will go well with most hors d'oeuvres other than the meaty ones.

Why we recommend this wine
In our opinion this is what a good prosecco should taste like; it's not the usual stuff that really needs something added to it to be palatable (or are we showing our prejudices).

The wine
This Prosecco is made from a grape called Glera. The winemaker’s description of this prosecco is "This sparkling wine displays a fine, persistent perlage, while on the nose it offers attractive floral notes of peach and acacia blossom alongside delicate scents of reinette apples, all expressed with great cleanness and elegance. On the palate there is perfect harmony between the fresh and appealingly lively sensations and the roundness and delicacy of the fruit."

The wine estate
Santa Margherita is a large family owned wine maker from the North East of Italy. It was one of the 100 Great Producers featured at the 2012 Grand Tasting “Finest Italian Wines”, the first in a series of events planned for the Opera Wine project, promoted by Vinitaly in collaboration with America’s influential Wine Spectator magazine.

Food and wine
In addition to hors d'oeuvres it will go well with subtly flavoured white meat dishes including cream sauces.
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Did you know?
In champagne the second fermentation to form the bubbles is done in the bottle. For prosecco, the base wine is put into pressurized tanks where it ferments for 18-20 days, with the aid of selected yeasts, at a controlled temperature between 14 and 16° C (57 - 61° F). When the desired pressure has been obtained (around 6 bars), the wine is chilled to - 4° C in order to arrest the fermentation and encourage stabilization. The sparkling wine is then kept at a controlled temperature for at least a month, in order to favor its natural maturation in contact with the yeasts that have deposited on the bottom of the pressurized tank. At the end of this phase, filtration and isobaric bottling is carried out.

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  • Oaked

    No oak

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  • Alcohol ABV

    Less than 12%


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