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Rodaro, (375ml), 2015, Pinot Grigio Fiore

White, Old World, Pinot Grigio from Colli Orientali, Italy

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Tangy, fruity, minerally with notable weight. Ideal with vegetable pastas and risottos with rich sauces

Why we recommend this wine
There is Pinot Grogio that you get by the glass and then there is Pinot Grigio that is excellent wine and that it what this is!

The wine
We can’t express what we tasted better than the wine maker. “It appears a deep straw yellow, with subtle coppery overtones. A near-explosive nose impresses with its elegant forcefulness and peak-ripeness fruit. First to emerge are notes of mixed roasted nuts, apple, and pear, soon followed and enriched by a stylish touch of crisp citrus, which for this grape is a classic indicator of a good growing year. The bouquet lingers nicely, continuing with ripe fruit and hints of tropical flora. The palate offers notable weight for the Pinot Grigio grape, as well as superb balance of all components, while the terroir contributes a tangy richness. A lengthy finish ensures prolonged savouring of the wine’s fruit and mineral qualities.”

The wine estate
The Rodaro winery is surrounded by the hills of the Colli Orientali, just a few kilometres from Cividale del Friuli, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The Rodaro’s view themselves as guardians of the land. They strive to achieve sustainable growth by ensuring that their vineyards are managed with all due care to protect both the soil they farm and the air they breathe. Rodaro website

Food and wine
In addition to its classic partners of fried and battered white meats and fish and fresh cheeses it is a great companion to vegetable pastas and risottos and rich sauces
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Did you know?
Cividale's most dramatic feature is a fifteenth-century bridge crossing a shallow gorge, which at one time seemed so remarkable that it was named the Ponte del Diavolo, 'Devil's Bridge'.

  • Cutlivar

    Other white

  • Dry / Sweet


  • Oaked

    No oak

  • Closure

    Composite cork

  • Alcohol ABV



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