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Ribafreixo (375ml), 2018, Barrancôa Vinho Branco

White, Old World, Antão Vaz blend from Alentejo, Portugal

Fresh, fruity, lemoney; light yet complex - Wow! We had it with a crab tart and salad and it was great.

Why we recommend this wine
We have tasted a few wines made with Antão Vaz as the base and really like them. This particular one has quite a bit more to it without being overpowering. It is also a Vegan friendly wine (see "Did you know?" below).

The wine
Each of the components of this wine (Antão Vaz 50%, Síria 25% and Arinto 25%) is vinified separately before the final blend is assmbled. The fermentation process is carried out in stainless steel vats with controlled temperatures, between 12ºC-12.5ºC, yielding prolonged fermentations of approximately 30 days, followed by battonage, a process lasting 2 to 3 months. It is this process that yields the fresh complexity.

The wine estate
Ribafreixo Wines is a young venture only being created in 2007. They bought 28 plots of abandoned land, joined them together and created a single property covering an area of 282 acres; then they connected it to the watering system of the Alqueva dam to provide drip irrigation. They rejuvenated the already existing vineyards and planted new extensions using primarily Portuguese grapes, some of them indigenous to the Vidigueira region. Their primary focus is on white wines. They follow a 'nurture nature' appraoch.

Food and wine
This white is complex and lemoney so pair it with creamy white sauces, asian dishes, fish (grilled and sushi) and hors d'oeuvre.
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Did you know?
Even white wines create sediment (small particles left over from fermentation) but winemakers generally use animal products (for example egg whites) to remove this sediment, a practice called fining. Vegan friendly wines such as this one use alternative ingredients of mineral origin only or don't fine at all (especially red wines).

  • Cutlivar

    Other white

  • Dry / Sweet


  • Oaked

    No oak

  • Closure

    Composite cork

  • Alcohol ABV



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