Sauvignon Blanc

 Sauv Blanc tasting
Lining them up

The aim of the tasting was twofold; to taste
   -  the new 500ml Boreham Wood from the Awatere Valley, just south of Marlborough, New Zealand.  We have always considered that 500ml is the ideal sized bottle of wine for 2 during the week.  The problem is that there are just too few makers to have a decent range.  The shortage has always been a good sauvignon.
  -  the Domaine du Haut Perron from Guy Allion in Touraine for the Everyday range.
Round two of the tasting compared the Andre Dezat Pouilly Fume with that from Dm Masson-Blondelet and their Sancerre for halfwine's premium Franch Sauvignon Blanc wine.  We had come across Masson-Blondelet on a vist to the Loire some years back and had used their trio of Poulliy Fume from different soils in a wine club tasting - see here.

However, this turned into a full scale tasting across our range of Sauvignons to compare France and New Zealand.  As it turns out, the difference was between those sauvignons that have capsicums or green peppers as their dominant flavour and smell against those that are more cut grass and flowers on the nose and minerally on the palate.  This was also the major difference that we identified in South Africa - refer to out trips notes on Darling and Durbanville here. Our preference, and it really is a matter of preference, is the cut grass, flowers and minerally taste.

Andre Dezat, 2009, «Domaine Thibault» Pouilly Fume 

Delicate flowers and perhaps the smell of hot stones on the nose – the latter reflecting a bit of bottle age despite there being no sign of it in the colour of the wine.  The taste is fruity, flowery and minerally – quite a delicious combination.  The wine is light but not thin.  Everythng you would expect of a Pouilly Fume. Our rating - 3

Guy Allion, 2010,«Domaine du Haut Perron» Touraine Sauvignon Blanc

A nose of sweet cut grass with some flowers.  The palate is herbs, flowers, passion fruit.  Really remarkable value for money.  It is reminiscent of a Pouilly Fume but more flowery and less minerally. Our rating - 2

Kim Crawford, 2010, Marlborough, NZ Sauvignon Blanc

The typical Marlborough sauvignon – forward fruit, plenty of capsicum on the nose and palate.  Our rating - 2

Craggy Range, 2009, «Te Muna Road» Martinborough, NZ Sauvignon Blanc

More cut grass and flowers on the nose rather than capsicums.  Restrained fruit and minerally on the palate.  Quite a lot of body to the wine. Our rating - 3

Boreham Wood, 2010, Awatere Valley, Marlborough, NZ Sauvignon Blanc

An intense nose, capsicums and some herbaceous notes.  Capsicums also on the palate and quite a minerally taste. Our rating - 3

 Previously tasted in the aim of finding a reasonably priced Sauvignon Blanc were

Dm de la Charmoise from Henry Marionnet

Very fowery on the nose and palate but with a strange unpleasant oily aftertaste - hot what we would say id typical of a sauvignon blanc.  Our rating - 0

Dm Joel Delaunay, 2010, Touraine Sauvignon Blanc

Unmissable as a Sauvignon Blanc on the nose and palate; flowers and capsicums.  Tending towards the new world in style.  Our rating - 3.

Dm Masson-Blondelet, 2010, Sancerre Thauvenay

This Sauvignon Blanc comes from the village of Thauvenay which is just south of Sancerre in the direction of Pouilly-sur-Loire. Unmissable as a Sauvignon with cut grass, honeysuckle and blossoms on the nose.  On the palate, minerally with citrus flavours.  Our rating - 3

Dm Masson-Blondelet, 2010, «Villa Paulus» Pouilly-Fume 

Similar in many ways to the Dezat Pouilly with flowers especially honeysuckle on the nose with the palate having flowers, subtle citrus, minerally and buttery - all in all a wow!  Our rating - 3

Both the Masson-Blondelet would be great in the halfwoine line-up.  Very difficult to choose, so we will probably have to offer both.

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