Hunting for rose

Our current rose is very pleasant but, being made from Pinot Noir, it is a more serious wine and somewhat more expensive that we think a rose should be.  So we are on the hunt for a reasonably priced offering.

La Malice de Thais from Chateau Montaud in Provence


Chateau Montaud

Very light pink, blush colour.  Pleasant floral, fruity nose.  Very light, almost thin on the palate.  Very dry - needs to go with food rather than summer time quaffing.  Our rating - 2.

Guy Allion, 2010,┬źDomaine du Haut Perron┬╗ Sonnemot


Haut Perron rose

A rose made from Gamay.  This is all strawberries - stawberry colour, nose and palate  The palate has a bright and refreshing acidity with a subtle touch of sweetness on the finish.  A summer quaffing wine.  Our rating - 3.  We now offer this wine here

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