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Free delivery for orders of 12 half bottles or more, £100 or more and Wine Club

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What to order

If you want to select your own wine, the half bottles option allows you decide how many you want of which half bottle.  If you order 12 or more half bottles or £100 or more, delivery is free.

halfwine have put together wine tasting packs to enable you to discover your favourite style of wine (and to have some fun with fellow enthusiasts). We have also put together selections of a dozen red, white or mixed half bottles and a dozen easy-opening screw cap half bottles.

If you want to pay a fixed amount each month we have plans (a 'wine club') for a half bottle a week (that is 4 half bottles per month) or 6 half bottles per month. We will deliver a mixed case each time that will vary by the seasons. Or you can select a white or red wine only option. This option will set up a monthly charge to your credit or debit card.  You can change, suspend or delete this instruction at any time.  Please note that because the price is calculated on on giving you 1 half bottle in 12 free you can't use another discount voucher with an easy plan.  (For those of us who add up the price of the individual products to check them to the price of an easy plan, please note there will be a difference.  In some months it will be over and in other months under, but over a period of 12 months there will be very little difference, if any, after taking the 1 in 12 free discount into account.  The other cause of the difference is that the cost of delivery is built into the price whereas if you ordered the 4 or 6 bottles via the half bottles option you would have to pay a separate delivery charge.)

Place an order

If you press the ‘add’ button next to a half bottle or a pack, it will add it to your basket.  However you can't mix a 'wine club' order with other items because the 'wine club' has a monthly payment whilst the others have a single payment.

You can amend your basket at any time. You do not have to be logged in to add wines to your basket; only to check-out. Click check-out to pay.

In order to pay you have to have set up an account and be logged in. You will be asked to enter your payment details each time. This is because, to protect you better, we have outsourced everything relating to payments to SagePay; we keep no payment details in our records.

As a rule we do not discount our wine preferring to provide as good value as we can all year round.  However on occasion we may be out of stock or you may have a faulty wine in which case one option you have is to take a 'discount voucher' for your next purchase.  If you have a discount voucher you will be asked to enter its number at this stage to claim the discount.

A gift message

If you are sending a gift then on the checkout page there is an option for you to write a personal message to the person to whom you are sending the gift.  This message will be printed at the top of the packing slip so that the first thing that the very lucky recipient will see is your message. (Our packing slips do not include prices.)

Recommend a friend

If you are logged on when you recommend a friend we sill send them an e-mail with a link to our website.  If they use that link and then purchase half bottles from us we will credit you with a recommendation.  When ten friends have purchased from us you will receive a voucher entitling you to order a tasting pack of your choice for free.  Currently we have credited your account with 2 friends so you only need 8 more.

Set up your account

In order to be able to transact with you we need to know your name and address and other information. We require your date of birth because we need to ensure that you are old enough to legally purchase wine. Your birthday will not be displayed anywhere on this site.

Your account area contains details of your order history; undelivered and delivered. An easy way to repeat an order is to press the Details button next to the order and the order comes up with details of the half bottles previously ordered.  Just below that is a Re-Order button that will pull the items through into your Shopping Basket.

Go to Set-up Account if you want to set up your account now.

Log in

You log in with your e-mail address and your password. If you forget your password please go to the 'my account' page where in the section for 'Returning Customer' you will see 'Forgot password'.  Please press this and you will be taken to a page asking for the e-mail address you used when you set up your account. This will send you an e-mail with a link to the website so that you can enter a new password.  If you forget the e-mail address that you used please use Contact Us and let us have your name, billing address and date of birth. We will reply to this new e-mail address with a new, temporary password.

Where we operate

At present only distributes in mainland UK.  Should you be located in the outer islands or in Ireland (Northern and Republic) please contact us first to find out what the shipping charges will be.  We accept payment from most countries for delivery in the UK.

Cancel an order

Please contact Deliveries using Contact Us to cancel an order.  We will try our best to cancel the order before delivery.  You also have a statutory right to cancel your order within 14 days of receiving your half bottles of wine. On cancellation you are entitled to a full refund of what you paid.   However, if there is not sufficient time to cancel before delivery has started we will deduct the cost of return back to our warehouse from the refund. You may of course arrange your own delivery of the half bottles back to our warehouse at your own risk.  In this case we will not deduct a delivery charge from the refund but will not refund the cost of any half bottles that are not resalable (most times due to damaged labels).

Tasting Packs

Try out our wine tasting packs and experience the fun and variety in wine comparisons...