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Reading about wine

There is an enormous amount written about wine and food and wine.  Where people come across good stuff we will put a link here.

A good basic link is The Wine Society, Explore Wine page on

A really good book is one written by Susy Atkins, Wine Wisdom: A Complete Wine-tasting Course.  Another good basic book is Exploring Wine for Dummies.

A good short piece on how to identify the various scents in wine comes from Debra Meiburg MW's blog The Nose Knows and here is a Wine Aromas chart

Tasting wine

At we really believe the only way to get to know what you like is to taste lots of different wines. 

One of our people has been involved for more than 20 years in very informal wine clubs in his area. Read his halfwine club notes on how to organise a club and keep it going successfully and details of the tastings that they have. have put together tasting packs based on Susy Atkins’ book for you to try with your fellow enthusiasts

Tasting Packs

Try out our wine tasting packs and experience the fun and variety in wine comparisons...