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Green Wine

The only way to be truly ‘green’ with wine is to take your recycled container to the winery and have wine poured directly from the bulk container.  (Wineries actually do this for very cheap wine.)  Even so, here at halfwine we still care about the environment. Below are three simple promises we have made to help the environment...

How we package your wine



Our box is thin, strong & uses the least material possible. What's more, it's from a sustainable forest, 100% biodegradable & 100% recyclable. No chemicals, no bleaching, no tricks, just wood and a bit of water.

The wine we choose for you



Wherever possible we source our wine from producers who farm organically, that is, they minimise the use of chemicals and fertilisers.  The picture above was taken in a Grand Cru vineyard in Burgundy and shows the organic farming approach on the right half of the vines.

Recycling your bottles



We like to reuse our packaging – if you send back the empty bottles in the cardboard box we will reuse the boxes and, when we have sufficient scale, we will buy wine in bulk and reuse the empty bottles.

Tasting Packs

Try out our wine tasting packs and experience the fun and variety in wine comparisons...