Customer comments

Customer feedback is very important to us.  Our aim is to be easy to do business with and to get it right first time.

Appreciate you sorting this. You’ve always been very good at sorting any concerns and issues, and it makes me return and buy more from you. Jon T

Yes, I want half bottles - despite trying all sorts of ways of saving the other half it never seems as good! Nicky R

Just had a phone call from the delighted recipient of this birthday gift so thank you for your super efficiency. Averil M

Thank you for the refund. These things happen [one wine was corked]. It's great to know that halfwine looks after you when it does. Beans B

Once again, thank you for the excellent customer service! Tim P

Very impressed - my order was delivered approx 24 hours after being placed, and it had to come quite a long way. Also I do like the insulated packaging. David M

I am delighted to have found you as it is extremely frustrating to try and find a reliable and varied selection of half bottles elsewhere. I am currently following a healthy lifestyle program which suggests having half bottles of wine to save you from yourself but still allow you a little treat. Mags H

I would like to send the "12 reds " and 2 champagne to my daughter in Scotland for her birthday. She heard about you from friends in Cambridge who are very happy with your service. Sue S

My son has been delighted with his gifts (that I sent him) from Thank you for your excellent service. Malcolm S

Great service. Looking forward to the wine. Terry C

I will definitely be using the website again. Half bottles are such a great gift for those that aren't excessive drinkers but enjoy a nice glass and also for husbands of pregnant ladies!  Laurie

Your brave proposition (half bottle wines) is excellent with very few suppliers doing it proper justice, the website, its value-added information contained therein, and product choice are all first class.  Donald

Brilliant service.  Prem

Such attention to customers is very rare. Vladimir

The wine has been very nice thank you. Planning my next order.  Derek

Great product concept.  I needed a gift for my Grandmother and although she enjoys wine, she's reluctant to open a full bottle just for herself so a case of half bottles is a great idea and should go down well.  Grant

Thank you very much for your advice - I have ordered the wines you suggested… Look forward to receiving them and to seeing my husband finish a nice bottle of wine instead of leaving half of it on the counter to go off before he comes back to it!  Ellen

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