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Jane McQuitty in The Times on 3 November 2012 had a column titled "Give that half a chance" wherein she wrote " ... this winter offers 37 different dry white and red wines, with an especially elegant Chablis... 2011 was was clearly a decent chablis vintage if William Fèvre's fine, ripe, smokey, steely 2011 chablis is typical of the year."

Neil Cammies column Straight off the vine in the weekend Western Mail on 27 October 2012 writes "They have a blinding range of half bottles from some great producers, covering just about every fad or fancy, and would suit those who crave a different glass of wine for each food course, rather like a restaurant experience at home, or you like wine but not necessarily in large quantities."  He also reviews two of our wines from Alsace.

Mike John Matthews in the Huffington Post " An alternative in Online Wine Shopping" reviews three of our wines on 26 October 2012.

Olly Smith "So where can you hunt for them [half bottles]? The high-street supermarkets and wine retailers all carry them, but there’s also, a website dedicated entirely to half bottles – a rather natty niche. It has a good range and a number of tailored offers to choose from, including tasting packs and a wine club." (Emphasis added) Do it by halves: What are the benefits of the demi size? Mail Online 20 October 2012.  (Sorry Olly, actually, supermarkets mainly carry airline-sized and quality nips, that is, half of a half; most wine retailers have sweet wine halves and beyond that, not much of anything.)

Fiona Beckett "... there's something quite indulgent about having a selection [of half bottles] to dip into for your own personal enjoyment... has cottoned onto [this] offering a range of half bottles and gift cases, including one of my favourites Qupe Syrah 2008..." "Wine: why half-bottles can be twice as nice" The Guardian Weekend, 26 November 2011

Paula Goddard, wine and food writer has her own blog where she wrote about Half-sized bottles at 29 January 2012 and has a column, Paula's Wines of the Week, in the Mature Times where she wrote a very positive review of our champagne offer on 29 October 2012 and on 12 November 2012 recommended two of our red wines as being excellent to have with chocolate cake, yes, chocolate cake!

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Kitchen Bitching on 3 November 2012 "What we loved about was the quality of the product. If you’re looking to watch your alcohol intake, then allows you to enjoy a really decent tipple, rather than having to opt for a low-alcohol wine (that, let’s face it, often tastes pretty rank). These genuinely fine wines are delicious, and another great option is to join their wine club and take advantage of the smaller sizes to expand your knowledge by trying something new without committing to a whole bottle. Yum!" Read a (little) bit more here

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@guyawoodward (Editor of Decanter) Interesting launch of merchant specialising in 1/2 bottles: Looks good list/site. Wish there were more half bottles around

@magicmike29 'The range of wines they have available is quite impressive.'  

@Spriteby '...the range of wines are actually rather good. no cheap, insulting crap.'

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