Delivery information

Your half bottles of wine will be delivered to your home or work address within one week of your order being placed. If these addresses are inconvenient there may be a convenience store nearby that accept deliveries for customers. One of our directors uses a local greeting card shop that charges £1 per delivery. Please remember to include your name as part of the store name so they know who to contact when your wine arrives.

Ordinarily if you order before 9am we would expect delivery three days later.  So, for example, if you order on Sunday night (that is before 9am Monday), your order will be processed on Monday, the half bottles picked and packed on Tuesday and the shipper will collect them for delivery on Wednesday. During the summer we do not send wine out on Friday because we do not want the wine to sit in the heat over the weekend. Over the festive season orders increase dramatically so please allow a week for delivery.  

halfwine will send you an e-mail after the delivery company has collected your wine.  This e-mail will include a tracking number that you can use on the delivery company's website to find out where your half bottles are.

Deliveries of 12 or more half bottles are free as are orders for £100 or more.  Our rates for less than 12 half bottles are in the table below.  The actual charge may be 1 or 2p different because the calculator uses weight not number of half bottles. You may well think that the charge for delivering a small number of bottles is pretty high.  Unfortunately, it is a bit like calling in a plumber or electrician - they charge quite a bit just for turning up.  This is not much different; the cost of picking, packing and delivering a small number of half bottles of wine is not much less than for a dozen or more. So the more you buy, the more halfwine is able to absorb the delivery chage.

half bottles


 1 £12.00
2 £10.80
3 £10.20
4 £8.80
5 £8.60
6 £7.00
7 £8.30
8 £6.70
9 £5.20
10 £3.60
11 £2.00
12+ Free
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