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Picture of Domaine Pellé (375ml), 2014, Menetou-Salon Morogues Blanc

Domaine Pellé (375ml), 2014, Menetou-Salon Morogues Blanc

White, Sauvignon Blanc, Old World, from the Loire, France

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Aromas of white flowers and citrus with an initial citrus fruit taste followed by a saline and mineral finish; all with a hint of clean oak. Ideal as an aperitif and with oysters, crustaceans, and subtle white fish.

Why we recommend this wine
We have visited the Sancerre region several times (see the notes on our latest visit here) and usually visit the surrounding villages, of which Morogues is one, because the winemakers often use some oak with their finer wines. When the oak is used subtly as in this case it adds a great dimension to the minerally Sauvignon

The wine
The soils for the plots of vines used in this wine are the same type as the best of Sancerre (Kimmeridgian marl) and the wines are handled with the same care. The soil provides the mineraliness, the grapes are fermented in thermo-regulated wooden and stainless steel vats and barrels to ensure freshness and then the wine is aged on fine lees in stainless steel (majority) and oak barrels to give complexity.

The wine estate
Domaine Pellé’s philosophy is to “observe Mother Nature, cherishing and working with her so that she gives us her very best in return. We need living earth, so we do not use weed killers or pesticides; the land is regularly worked and nourished by our own compost. De-budding operations enable us to balance the load on the vine which in turn helps us to obtain lower yields and a richer taste quality. This meticulous work in the vineyards gives us much more than the grapes’ varietal aromas. The grapes, harvested at optimum maturity, also express all the richness of the soil and climate in which they grew.”

The current Pellés are the fourth generation of winemakers. The first Pellés made wine for their own consumption, to have something good to drink with Sunday lunch and something thirst-quenching when working in the vineyard or fields. And then, because the wine was good, it was sold to friends for parties and weddings, and to licensed premises nearby and ultimately to brasseries in Bourges in the early 20th century. It must be tough trying to compete with a famous neighbor, Sancerre, but over the years they have built a great business and a fine reputation for quality Sauvignon Blanc.

In 1959, Menetou-Salon was created an appellation d’origine controlee. The Pellés at the time, aware of the rich quality of their terroirs in Morogues, insisted that the village’s name be allowed to appear after that of the appellation on the wine label. Since then their Mentou-Salon Morogues, has remained the Domaine’s flagship wine.

Food and wine
The citrus backbone means that anything that lemons enhance the flavor of will go well with this wine, hence oysters, crustaceans, and subtle white fish.
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Did you know?
Fumé Blanc is often used to describe oaked Sauvignon Blanc but it is a very loose term (often having no contact with oak at all) coined by Robert Mondavi in the USA as an alternative name to Sauvignon Blanc.

  • Cutlivar

    Sauvignon Blanc

  • Dry / Sweet


  • Light / Heavy

    Light bodied

  • Oaked

    Lightly oaked

  • Closure


  • Alcohol ABV



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