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Dm des Deux Roches (375ml), 2016, St Veran Terres Noires

White, Old World, Chardonnay from Burgundy

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A medium oaked chardonnay with lemon and butter and a touch of honeysuckle on the nose; a very pleasant white burgundy. Ideal with fish, white meats and soft cheeses

Why we recommend this wine
We have always liked oaked white Burgundy but the prices take it out of our every-day drinking wines so one has to go to the Southern end of Burgundy to find good, affordable wines and St. Véran is such a place. This is a top-of-the-range wine from an independent producer that nurtures nature.

The wine
Saint-Véran,an appellation covering about 600 hectares spread over 6 communes is the specialty of Domaine des Deux Roches. They own some vines in most of the prestigious named vineyards including Les Terres Noires. This wine is a blend of 30% of wines vinified in oak barrels the rest being made in stainless steel vats. The finest terroirs produce wines with enough flesh so that they benefit from vinification in barrels and the wood taste does not spoil them. As far as the stainless steel vat vinification is concerned, it allows the wine to keep the fruity and fresh taste. Alcoholic fermentations last several weeks up to several months and is followed by malolactic fermentation which ensure roundness. The wine is then left to age on the lees until the following spring. Lees stirring takes place throughout the maturation period.

The wine estate
The Collovray and Terrier's families are from Davayé, a small village, located in the south of Burgundy, thought the most beautiful vineyards of the Maconnais, next to the limestone rocks of Vergisson and Solutré. In the heart of this outstanding terroir two childhood friends, Christian Collovray and Jean-LucTerrier, created the Domaine des Deux Roches. All members of the two families are helping in one way or another to offer their best wines. Christian is in charge of the vineyard, while Jean-Luc is managing the vinification. They have won a legion of followers for their extraordinary white Burgundies: winners year after year, thanks to their remarkable quality and bargain prices.
The Domaine des Deux Roches currently farms 36 hectares of vineyards, 20 hectares of which are under the Saint-Véran. In 2009, Domaine des Deux Roches started a process conversion to organic farming, however, all the vineyards are treated in a spirit of respect for the soil and the plant.

Food and wine
This wine's minerality makes an excellent accompaniment for oily fish (poached or fried), as well as seafood. Its citrus flavours make it ideal for white meat, such as veal or poultry, accompanied by cream sauces, as well as creamy seafood and mushroom risottos. It is equally suited to soft cheeses such as brie, camembert, Soumaintrain (of course, since it is made in Burgundy) and goats cheese.
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Did you know?
Saint-Véran lies on the southernmost slopes of a 250 km long and 5-6 km wide prehistoric limestone ridge that runs through Burgundy.

  • Cutlivar


  • Dry / Sweet


  • Oaked

    Unmissable oak

  • Closure

    Composite cork

  • Alcohol ABV



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