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Collavini, (375ml), 2015 Pinot Grigio 'Villa Canlungo' Collio

White, Old World, Pinot Grigio from Collio, Italy

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Flowers, apples and citrus but more complex and mouth filling than most. Ideal with subtle seafood and white meats.

Why we recommend this wine
We find most Pinot Grigio too flowery and watery but not this Villa Canlungo; it is complex, mouth-filling – a real wine.

The wine
The secret of this wine is in how it is made. Short maceration on the skins at low temperature. And after fermentation is stainless steel tanks it is aged on the lees for about 6 months. So freshness and complexity.

The wine estate
A family-owned winemaker that works along sustainable farming lines. Collavini website

Food and wine
Subtly-flavoured dishes such as risotto, fish, crustaceans and white meats Refer also to our food and wine pairing guide, click here

Did you know?
Most wines get a lot of their flavor from extensive contact with the grape skins during fermentation but aficionados of Pinot Grigio agree that the secret for a good Pinot Grigio is minimum skin contact.

  • Cutlivar

    Other white

  • Dry / Sweet


  • Oaked

    No oak

  • Alcohol ABV



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