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Chateau Gaillard (375ml), 2010, Touraine Sauvignon Blanc

White, Old World, Biodynamic Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire, France

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Touraine is well known for providing quality, value for money Sauvignon Blancs which taste somewhere between the very fruity new world and the minerally old world sauvignons.  This wine is a bit different because it is made using biodynamic methods; the wine is straw coloured and more 'earthy' than one might expect.  This is also a 'low sulphur' wine with only 55mg total sulphur per litre.  The sample we tasted was closed to start with but when left a while opened up nicely.  It was probably too cold because the wine maker recommends that you serve this wine chilled to 10° which is not as cold as your fridge.

Last tasted by us in November 2012. This is now a complex Sauvignon - almost like an aged Chardonnay.  Completely different to the other Sauvignon from  Touraine.  It certainly grows on one.

The vineyard of Chateau Gaillard is located on the slopes which are on the northern bank of the Loire between Amboise and Blois.  Vincent Girault, who is the owner and winegrower since 1978, endeavours to transmit to his wines the character and the authenticity of their soil.

The Chateau Gaillard vineyard is cultivated according to biodynamic agriculture's methods in order to protect the ancestral wine quality of this vineyard. All Chateau Gaillard wines have had the Demeter eco-label since 1992 vintage.  website

  • Cutlivar

    Sauvignon Blanc

  • Dry / Sweet


  • Oaked

    No oak

  • Closure

    Composite cork

  • Alcohol ABV



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