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Travel the world with wine

We can’t get on a plane but our imaginations can travel wherever we want faster, and with less hassle. How about a half bottle of wine to help? We have wines from all over the world – in fact our extra special wine tasting pack ‘Taste your way round the World’ contains 24 halves showcasing different varietals and wine styles and different countries – click here for more details.

Otherwise we have specially curated tasting packs to compare and contrast wines made from the same grape varietal in different countries and in different styles – please click here for more details.

Or you can design you own tasting pack – pick and mix any of our wines in any quantity- see here for more details.

The large majority of our sales right now are to friends and family hosting their own virtual wine tasting using Zoom or similar technologies – why don’t you try it? See below for more details.

Most importantly when you check out remember to use the discount code CAXTON10 to get your 10% discount.

Orders in excess of £100 or 12 or more halves have free delivery.

Virtual wine tastings
Groups of friends and families are arranging wines tastings (sometimes two wines sometimes more) primarily as an excuse to get together and chat – the wine intros take 10 minutes and the rest is chat. Sometimes they have dinner together and sometimes just nibbles – a selection of a hard cheese and a soft cheese is great to see what goes with what. Zoom seems to be the technology of choice and is very easy to set up - click Zoom

Halfwine is setting up its own virtual tastings where we send out a six pack of wines and discuss two in each session. These sessions will be recorded so that you can watch them whenever you want. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] to register your interest and we will get back to you to make arrangements.


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Tasting Packs

Try out our wine tasting packs and experience the fun and variety in wine comparisons...